Friday, April 27, 2012


And here we are! I suppose some of you are wondering why there was another gap in my posts. Well, joy of joys, I got laid off, and as such I’ve spent most of my time looking for replacement work.

Why did I get laid off? Funny you should ask. The official propaganda was “reorganization,” but as you and everyone else who has spent more than a week in the workforce is well aware, that’s just doublespeak for, “We couldn’t find a good reason to fire you, but the big boss doesn’t like you anyway so bye-bye.”

Too bad. I really liked that job.

Well, that’s all I’ll say on that subject. Rather than sounding disgruntled, I’m choosing to take the high road in this matter and look ahead to the future.

(Author’s note: The word “disgruntled” has often fascinated me. Corporations and other large and wealthy organizations often use it to discredit whistleblowers, former employees and the like, but it seems no one ever considers the possiblity that something had to happen to make them disgruntled. Hmmm……)

Yes, I have gained new employment, back doing my “black hole” work as I have often described it. I suppose I should be thankful I have a second skillset on which to fall back. Still, I can’t help but feel a little defeated in my attempts to make writing my sole professional path.

(Another author’s note: A word of advice to all you aspiring writers and editors in the Tucson metro area—MOVE. Get the Hell out of here while you can. There is NOTHING for you here. Our job market is SHIT. Go someplace else that has a bigger market for our kind. And good luck.)

On the up side, right now my shifts fall during the afternoons and evenings, so my mornings—when I am most creative—are now open to work on my own writing work as well as my clients’. Of course, there is also that regular paycheck and the benies are pretty good, both of which are important, especially when you’re trying to keep in the home ownership business. Also, the idea of being without regular work again for eight months kinda sends a chill up my spin and my skin crawling, so I won’t have to deal with that anymore.

Another good thing is that I’m back to wearing scrubs, which, despite the awful departmental color, I much prefer over slacks and ties. Moreover, I can be myself more than if I were in an office environment, which requires a more stringent hold on one’s behavior.

(Yes, another author’s note: I firmly believe that, unless it’s a safety issue, scrubs should be acceptable professional apperal in any work envornment, all the way up to the executive level.)

So there you are. Keep in touch. Once again I will attempt to make this a weekly thing. By the way:


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